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Church History



On July 4, 1887, the first worship service of the Furley Church was held on the Rock Island depot platform with Reverend Young presiding.  Within one year services were being held in a new building.


The first church was built and furnished at a cost of $1,884.45 which included building costs, blueprints, lamps, a stove, a coal bucket and chairs (purchased by Dr. Furley).  Even with the help of the denominational extension board and contributions from members, the unpaid debt was still over $900.


The women of the church held bazaars, soup suppers, ice cream socials and sales to help reduce the debt that was paid off in 1903.


By 1926 it was time for a new church building.  Through the prayers, courage and faithfulness of the Christian people, the new church was dedicated September 18, 1927.  This church was built for approximately $6,000.


The congregation thrived in its new building.  The years will filled with worship, Sunday school, youth groups, revivals, soup suppers, ice cream socials, weddings, funerals, dedications, baptisms, choirs, and fervent preaching.


The Furley and Whitewater churches shared pastors for many years until the merger of the two in 1958.  The Furley church continued its many ministries and as needs arose, additions to the church were made.  The sharing of the pastors continued in later years with the surrounding communities of Kechi, Benton, Towanda, Potwin, and Greenwich.


Land was purchased at the corner of 101st and Greenwich in hopes to build a new church.  After several years of fundraising, building plans, and starts and stops, the Furley Church was constructed at a cost of approximately $560,000. 









The first worship service was held on Mar 3, 2013.    The many ministries of the church continue to move forward and live out our vision,


"Come, let's journey together, living life, loving Jesus."