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Being in mission to others is at the heart of the Methodist teachings.  As John Wesley (founder of the Methodist Church) said, "Do all the good you can.  By all the means you can. In all the ways you can. In all the places you can.  At all the times you can.  To all the people you can.  As long as ever you can."                       


Joining a mission team is fun and can be life-changing.  There are a lot of opportunities to join with us in mission, including those listed below.  You may also like to volunteer for one of our ministry teams (most of them are engaged in mission outreach as well).  


Come.  Let's Journey Together.  Living Life.  Loving Jesus.


  • Klothes Kloset
  • Monthly Lunch Sacks
    • Financial Support

Native American Ministries

  • Makenzie went shopping with the Native American offering. Items were sent to a Navajo pediatric hospital in New Mexico. Included were toys, books, puzzle books, coloring books, crayons, colored pencils, journals, hair brushes, socks,candy and masks. The box weighed 27 pounds!

Remington Schools

  • School supplies, clothing

Wheat State Manor Nursing Home (Whitewater)

  • An owner church we serve on the Board of Directors
  • Lead Sunday Worship Services (9 week rotation)
  • Provide financial support

Collins Grace Foundation (Wichita)

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